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P.T. for PC

P.T. for PC

Publisher: Qimsar
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User-rating:5.0 ( 3 Reviews )
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P.T. for PC is a project whose aim is to translate the terrifying experience playable in the original P.T.—which appeared exclusively on Playstation 4 and then was eliminated from the platform—on PC. The result is practically identical to what PS4 players enjoyed back in the day. P.T. starts with a character trapped in a house. Your aim is to escape the inside of the house, which will require you to cross one highway after another. Every time you go down a hall, though, something will have changed. Like this, by going down a hall in one way or another, you've got to solve the puzzle that lets you escape. If, that is, fear doesn't get the best of you first. This PC version of P.T. is as terrifying as the one for PS4. The game has graphics that are practically identical to the original and manage to transmit the same feeling of strain and darkness. This sensation is obviously considerably magnified if you play in the dark and with headphones. P.T. for PC is a brilliant project thanks to which many players can enjoy one of the most terrifying gaming experiences ever for the first time. Not for nothing did Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro join forces to bring this small creature to life.


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