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Rock N' Roll Racing

Rock N' Roll Racing

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Rock N' Roll Racing is an overhead perspective racing game where you can participate in wild races with another three cars, aiming to get to the finish line in one piece. Rock N' Roll Racing came out in 1993, and after more than 20 years Blizzard Entertainment has now decided to distribute it for free. This version of the game uses DosBox executable files to ensure it works on any modern version of Windows. In Rock N' Roll Racing you can try to destroy the rest of the competitors, or just try to get to the finishing line in one piece without crashing into any other cars. In between races, you can invest the money you earn on new parts for your car: new engines, wheels, spoilers, etc. Rock N' Roll Racing is a fun racing game with a super addictive gameplay. You can play it alone against the AI, or with other human players on the same computer.


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