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Sonic Generations Unleashed Project

Sonic Generations Unleashed Project

Publisher: Team Unleashed
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License: Free



User-rating:5.0 ( 3 Reviews )
Publisher:Team Unleashed
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Sonic Generations Unleashed Project is a mod for Sonic Generations that allows you to enjoy all of the levels from Sonic Unleashed, an Xbox 360 game, on your PC. Along the way, the project has fixed many of the glitches within the original game to offer a much superior playing experience. As a player you'll have support for unlimited resolution, high-quality texture filtering, and playing at 60 frames per second (as long as you have the appropriate equipment). In other words, all of the graphic advantages you would expect from a good computer version of the game. In addition to the better specs thanks to the powerful advantage of computers, Sonic Generations Unleashed Project uses the motor behind Sonic Generations, a much better option than the original mechanisms behind Sonic Unleashed. This results in better controls, more fluid animation, and many other benefits. If all that weren't enough, the least popular elements of Sonic Unleashed have been erased in this version, so you won't find Werehog transformations or anything like that. Regarding graphics, Sonic Generations Unleashed Project offers a level of quality rarely seen from the franchise. Spectacular designed combined with great technical skill yield impressive results that move at full speed across your screen. Sonic Generations Unleashed Project is a complete modification for Sonic Generations that offers an enormous amount of content for free. Absolutely unmissable for Sonic's many fans.


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